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Never Give Up Day is a day honoring the qualities of determination and the power of individuals who simply refuse to give in to life’s challenges. On Never Give Up Day, community members are encouraged to praise not only those who have achieved great things, but also those who continue to struggle without despair. Never Give Up Day is tied to many social and economic benefits and will motivate many sectors to bring this day of celebration to the attention of their community members. Never Give Up Day gives people the desire to make things special for the one who has been the helping hand in trying times. Even though Never Give Up Day is not a bank holiday, it is the perfect celebration to honor your friends, family and spouse, without whom your struggle and achievement might not have been possible. Whether people are looking to go on a dinner with their better half or they're planning to celebrate another milestone with their friends and co-workers, all the preparation leading up to the August 18 celebration of Never Give Up Day adds up to a commercial opportunity for the local businesses. From blowing out candles to mark the anniversary of a success achieved over the years, to buying flowers and other gifts to encourage those who go through a process of struggle and recovery, are the most common ways to celebrate Never Give Up Day. Another way to use the celebration of Never Give Up Day is to host a Never Give Up Day Sports event, Music Festival, and Keynote Speaker event.

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